CPC relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers.  If you’re interested in joining our volunteer family, the following information may be helpful –

Volunteer Spotlight-Jean Flory

Community Pregnancy Center would like to shine its volunteer spotlight on Jean Flory. Jean has been a part of our volunteer family since October 2015 and you will typically see Jean on Monday afternoons at the receptionist desk! What brought Jean to CPC was a conversation she had with Father Matt Glaros (formerly of St. Augustine’s). He mentioned CPC and thought she would be a perfect fit. Something that Jean has learned during her time with us is diplomacy and how to handle individuals that are going through difficult situations. Jean feels that CPC impacts the community in a wonderful way just considering all of the families that we have helped and the babies that we have saved! One thought that Jean would like to share is to continue to be persistent when calling clients for the following day to remind them of our new home.

Thank you so much, Jean for all that you continue to do for CPC!

Volunteer Training 

All new volunteers who interact with clients are asked to attend Heartbeat International’s volunteer training, entitled Planting the Seed: The LOVE Approach. Training sessions are held three times a year and are led by CPC’s Director of Client Services. The next set of volunteer training sessions will take place in August.

At training, volunteers will learn how to listen effectively, how to discuss tough topics, and how to encourage and guide clients who need help. Training not only helps boost the confidence of volunteers, but also increases the effectiveness of spreading God’s message.

You needn’t wait for the next volunteer training session to get started!  For more information, call Peggy at 330-825-1900 or send her an email at peggy@embraceccc.org